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Cancellation & Returns Policy

If you would like to change a product or want to return any defective products, please follow the instructions below for your convenience.


Every change must be made within 15 days of the purchase date, with proof of purchase (because it helps us serve you promptly and reliably) that comes with the product. In addition, the products to be changed must be returned intact, in their packaging, without being opened or assembled - as the products will be put back on the shelf for sale - and the products to be purchased should be equal to or greater worth.

For seasonal items such as Christmas, Carnival, Easter, Summer / Maritime items and school supplies, the ability to change after the specified time periods does not apply.


Any refunds and replacements of any defective products must be made within 15 days of the date of purchase, with the proof of purchase accompanying the product. The product can only be replaced if it is packaged (so that the product can be returned to the supplier) and only if the defect does not come from consumer misuse or violation of the product's instructions.Για προϊόντα με εργοστασιακή εγγύηση, μπορούμε να σας ενημερώσουμε για το πού θα πρέπει να απευθυνθείτε για την αντικατάσταση ή τη διόρθωσή τους.

Shipping charges are exclusively for customers except defective products that are exclusively for Mark Center.

In all cases, the replacement or refund will only take place if you have contacted the Online Store the same or the next day.


If you wish to return the product you purchased from the online store, you can send it back to its original condition and packaging within 14 calendar days of its delivery, so that the exercise of the right of withdrawal is considered to be timely.Η δήλωση υπαναχώρησης μπορεί να αποσταλεί με τους ακόλουθους τρόπους:

1) Email us at

2) By fax to 2731023225

As soon as we receive your withdrawal statement, we will contact you by phone or by email, according to the information provided in the withdrawal statement.

Products are returned within 14 calendar days of delivery, at customer's expense. The products must be returned intact, in their packaging, without being opened or assembled - as the products will be resold for sale. If the returned products do not meet the above requirements, they will be refunded to the customer upon receipt. Products to be returned must be accompanied by the relevant purchase document.Για να κατεβάσετε τη δήλωση υπαναχώρησης πατήστε εδώ


Cancellation of the order can be done in the following cases:

Before completing your order, during the online process you can back up and delete the quantities of products from the shopping cart by pressing the 'Remove' button.

Even if you have completed your online order but have not yet shipped the product you can cancel it by calling 2731023225. If you wish to cancel your order, our partner will immediately inform you of your options. If your order has already been invoiced and you still wish to cancel, you must provide your order details to Customer Service at 2731023225