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1. The MarkCenter Bonus card is a Loyalty and Loyalty Program offered by Markcenter, based in Sparta Lakonia Gortologou 89.

2. These terms and conditions describe the relationship between Markcenter and program participants (here in after referred to as "Members") as well as the process of participating, collecting and redeeming points in the program. Markcenter reserves the right to change the Program Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. In this case, Members can be informed of the changes through the store's official website,


1. Only individuals over 18 years of age, companies of all kinds, as well as sole proprietors are eligible to participate in the program. Public services and organizations do not have the right to participate

2. Enrollment in the program is done through a request to participate in the MarkCenter store (89 Gorcologou, Sparta).

3. Registration to the program is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions and the issuance of a Member Bonus card.

4. Member activation of the points collection and redemption system is done upon acceptance of the validity of his data in the system, and you activate after one business day. MarkCenter reserves the right to reject the registration application

5. The Member Card is strictly personal and may not be transferred or assigned by the Member to any third party. Points accumulated by a Member may not be transferred to another Member's card. The card is not credit or debit. The use of the card must always be accompanied by the holder's police ID card or other proof of identity that the Member is required to display upon request at any inspection. For the safety of the transactions of the Members of the Program, in case the Member Card is found to be used by another person, it will be withheld by the Markcenter representative.

6. The Member Card is and remains the property of MarkCenter and may be requested at any time to be refunded or automatically canceled if it is found that the Member does not meet and / or does not comply with the Program Terms and Conditions.

7. Only one Member account is accepted. If there is a second, the two accounts will be merged and the points - if any - will be transferred to a single account where the highest of the two will be maintained.

8. If the Member wishes to discontinue his / her participation in the program, he / she must indicate this in writing to Markcenter. After processing the request, the account and its points will be automatically canceled.

9. The card and account points are automatically canceled and are not transferable in the event of a Member's death.

10. If a Member has not used Bonuscart for more than 12 months, Markcenter has the right to disable the Member from the Customer Loyalty Program and points will be automatically lost.


1. The points collection and redemption program is activated upon final approval of the application by the competent department of Markcenter. Purchase points made prior to the submission and / or final approval of the application are not added to the Member's account. Points earned from each purchase are automatically added to the Member's account.

2. The Member is required to display the bonuscard at any checkpoint prior to any transaction involving collection and / or redemption of points.

3. Points from purchases of promotional products or discounts are not credited.

4. Purchases made without the Member card display do not earn points and are in no way ex-post.

5. Objections regarding the movement of the Member's account (collecting and redeeming points) must be reported to MarkCenter in writing within thirty (30) days of the transaction date.

6. For each purchase made by the Member worth 1 € you are rewarded with 1 point (1 € = 1 point).


1. In order to make a point redeemable purchase, the Member must inform the point redeemer (cashier) before issuing a document if a document is issued in which no points can be redeemed.

2. Bonus points redemption is provided upon availability.

3. Each member has the opportunity to redeem points and benefit financially at various levels, the lowest redemption level being 100 points.

Level 1

100 points



Level 2

300 points



Level 3

500 points



Level 4

700 points



Level 5

1000 points



Level 6

1200 points



4. By using the redeemable points, the corresponding points are deducted from the Member's account.


1. MarkCenter reserves the right to modify, extend or terminate any part or all of the bonuscard program, with immediate effect, upon notice to Members. Members will have a certain amount of time available to redeem their collected points (as they are recorded in their account) and during which no new points will be provided. By the end of this time period, all Members' rights in the program will expire, accounts and all accumulated points of Members that have not been redeemed will be forfeited, and Members may not file any claim against Markcenter.

2. MarkCenter may terminate the program with immediate effect if required by law.

3. Members are required to correctly complete and indicate their address and contact information and to inform MarkCenter in writing of any change in their personal information. In the event of registration of incomplete contact information, MarkCenter bears no responsibility whatsoever for the incomplete information of the Member.