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Payment methods

Payment methods

1. Payment upon receipt of order at your place

(cash on delivery)

Pay off your order by delivering it, in your area, in accordance with applicable tax provisions, over 500 € to individuals (Retail Voucher) A

and over 500 € to business / business (Sales Invoice) Should be paid ONLY in the following ways

:• Bank account deposit

• Credit or debit card debit

2. Receipt and payment of your order from the store

Order from and receive your products the next business day from the store.

3. Payment by bank deposit

You can pay your order through a bank account. Prepay your order in one of the following Banks accounts we work with


Account number: 46800855457
IBAN: GR9201104680000046800855457


Account number: 5511031687546
IBAN: GR6601725110005511031687546

4. Credit card payment

If you choose to pay by credit / debit card, please fill in the form on the form you provide using the "Redirection" method in Piraeus Bank's Piraeus Paycenter.

The online store accepts all Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners credit cards.

Your transactions at our online store are protected by Piraeus Bank's top online security systems.

Completing your purchases and starting the payment process on the business website, it automatically goes to the Piraeus Paycenter special payment page where you are informed of the relevant billing and enter your card details.

Payment is processed safely by Piraeus Paycenter, which automatically updates the business. The customer has automatically returned to the business website and is informed of the completion of the transaction.